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Delivery of Restar 250 Slurry Separation Plant

Time: Sep 23, 2020 Views: 0

RSD/MSS-250B slurry separation plant is mainly used for modern fundamental engineering works mud consolidation wall, circulation drilling process big diameter piling foundation and anti-penetration wall engineering. This plant has delivered to customer’s job-site nowadays.  


Using this device can create the following advantages for you:

1,  The full purification of mud is conducive to controlling the performance index of mud, reducing sticking accidents and improving hole making quality.

2,  The effective separation of soil and slag is conducive to improve the efficiency of hole making.

3,  The reuse of slurry is conducive to saving slurry making materials and reducing construction cost.

4,  The closed-circuit circulation mode of mud and low moisture content of slag are conducive to reducing environmental pollution.

To sum up, the use of RSD / mss-250b mud purification device is conducive to the high-quality, efficient, economic and civilized construction of relevant projects.

RSD / mss-250b mud purification device has a processing capacity of 250m3 / h, high purification and sand removal efficiency, and separation particle size D50 = 0.060mm; The equipment is easy to install, operate and maintain, the vibrating screen has high screening efficiency, and the exciting force, screen surface angle and screen hole size can be adjusted to maintain good screening effect under various working conditions.

The motor has high power factor, low energy consumption and remarkable energy-saving effect; The hydro-cyclone has advanced structural parameters, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, convenient operation, economy and durability, and can be used without maintenance for a long time under bad working conditions.

The novel liquid level automatic balance device can not only keep the liquid level of the slurry storage tank stable, but also realize the repeated treatment of the slurry and further improve the purification quality; The unique recoil device can effectively prevent silt and overflow in the slurry storage tank, so as to maintain the normal operation of the equipment for a long time.

Restar professional team constantly summarizes the R & D experience and technology of mud water environmental protection treatment, continuously optimizes the equipment structure and improves the product performance. Customers are welcome to inquire!

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